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  1. A wretched day

    January 31, 2016

    Early morning in an empty street. A man stood clueless smoking a cigarette. He was skipping with joy while pushing the baby carriage with his son. The sun played games with lights and shadows, while the father and son were in a world of their own.

    Out of nowhere, a man appeared. A tall man with frightening looks. He had half a mouth worth of teeth and soars all over his face and neck. He was walking in a funny way, zig-zag almost.

    - How are you? - he spoke and extended his right arm towards the father, while conspicuously hiding something in the left sleeve of the very old and torn jacket.

    - OK - mumbled the father, confused as he had never seen that person before in his life.

    - So, now you don't remember me? Huh?! I used to help all of you, but once I hit rock bottom, you all forgot me and just pass me by- he said and started shaking his hand.

    - You have mistaken me for someone - the father replied, while quickly glancing at his son.

    - Everyone had a lot more respect for me before I went away, you know, trouble with the law - the stranger replied and tried to touch the little guy in the baby carriage.

    - I remembered where I know you from - said the father, pulled out some money and continued - you were always good to me, so here is some cash. You must be hungry, it's early in the morning, so grab a coffee as well. For good old times...

    - Thanks so much - mumbled the junkie and went slowly back into the shadows from which he came.

     "It's good that the price was so low" the father sighed and hugged the little guy harder than ever before.

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